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Post  yami on Fri Apr 16, 2010 4:39 am

There are 2 types of shops.
Staff shops (these are things to do with the forum and cost points)
Member Shops (these are free and depend on rep @_@ )

Base outline of a member shop.
Admins, I will edit your post for the shops

Member outline:



Shop Name

What the shop offers

Rep cost:
E.g A title = +rep
    a banner = +3 rep
    salty pork = 4 rep :D
Please the repping guide lines

Working on:
1. Yami
2. Reisen

Current Rep count:
42 (this will increase every time you are 'paid'. Keep track of it so you can pm an admin if someone doesn't pay )
Repping Guidlines
Rep can be given to people one at a time, through the +/- buttons or 3+ at once with the thanks button. If you have cheap costs, we will allow you to make "repping posts"
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